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Life Happens

August 14, 2015

Life happens. I can empathize with clients when things don’t get done as planned. Life happens to me, too. Just because I am a Professional Organizer does not mean I am perfectly organized; far from it. Pull up a chair while I […]

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In Loving Memory of Augustus and Chessie

September 04, 2014

Last week, we bid farewell to a beloved member of our family. In honour of the 19 years he spent with us, I have excerpted references from our annual family newsletters.   1996 – After many years of wishing we could have […]

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Excuses, Excuses

August 28, 2014

I feel the need to apologize for not keeping up with my blogs. My intention was to write one every week, but that plan fell by the wayside. Why? Oh, lots of reasons – no, make that “excuses.” Decades ago, I trained […]

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The Weight of the World

You Should Read This

July 03, 2014

Have you ever told someone he or she should do something? Has someone ever said that to you? Have you ever said it to yourself? “Should” is a heavy word. It carries a sense of burden. It implies a duty, an obligation. […]

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Lost and Found

June 19, 2014

Q: Why is something you’ve lost always in the last place you look for it? A: Because after you find it, you stop looking. It’s an old joke, I know, but sometimes we do have to search long and hard to find […]

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Pillsbury Dough Boy (TM)

A Poem About Love and Stuff

June 12, 2014

Generally speaking, my work involves helping each client through the process of letting things go. I even wrote a poem for this: Do I love it? Do I need it? Does the law say I must keep it? If the answer is […]

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Organization By Numbers

June 05, 2014

Organizing involves a lot of math. Don’t panic. It’s not about solving for x (although if you want me to, I will; I do love algebra). In my first session with a client, we look at the area to be decluttered. It could […]

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Adele does her dolly's laundry

How I Became a Professional Organizer

May 29, 2014

Welcome to my first-ever blog. I thought I’d begin with the story of how I got into the field of organizing. It started when I was very young. My mom told me the tale of my first day in Sunday School. At […]

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