Home Organization services in Toronto, ON, Canada


What we will do together:

  1. Discuss your vision, goals, and needs for your space
  2. Apply the wisdom of “A place for everything, and everything in its place”
  3. Put things where they are needed and used
  4. Decide whether anything can be given away, donated, recycled, or tossed
  5. Try to use storage containers you already have, reducing the need to spend more money
  6. Look for unused or underused space
  7. Determine your preferred storage “style” (what works for you) – e.g. drawers versus shelves

The Process:

  • Assessment – raw information gathering and specific determination of needs and goals
  • Plan – a prioritized list of how we will proceed through the project(s)
  • Implementation – the hands-on “work” of decluttering
  • Evaluation and Maintenance – check that new systems are working, and adjust if necessary

Basic Services:

  • Residential organizing and decluttering, including garage, basement, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and storage spaces
  • Managing paperwork and files, especially receipts for income tax purposes
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