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Paperwork Organization

On March 26, 2014, Professional Organizer Adele Massena gave a presentation to the Entrepreneurial Women’s Cafe in midtown Toronto.

Adele discussed paperwork organization, focusing on how Canadian entrepreneurs can prepare for tax season. She provided tip sheets and relevant tax forms, as well as a guide book prepared by the CGA.


  • Start gathering your previous-year tax receipts each January, and set up a system for the current tax year. If applicable, take your odometer reading, and start a log book. April is too late!
  • Determine which expense and credit categories apply to you (for entrepreneurs, check the current online version of the Statement of Business or Professional Activities, form T2125). Prepare a folder or envelope for each one, and insert your receipts, annotated as needed.
  • Make copies of thermal receipts; they fade!
  • Keep all tax receipts for seven years.
  • The most important aspect of a filing system is ease of retrieval. File your papers where you will look for them.
  • There are various methods you can use when setting up a filing system: colour coding, alphabetical order, numerical sequence. Choose whichever is appropriate for you and the items you are organizing. (Adele uses a combination of all three.)
  • Files can be stored vertically or horizontally; in clear or opaque containers; in boxes, drawers, or binders… You get the idea. Find what works for you.

Participant comments

Thank you Adele. I am inspired now to sort my papers with a colour folder system. – Franziska

Thank you, Adele. The strategies and information you provided were extremely helpful. No doubt we will all suffer fewer palpitations thanks to you. Great job. – Karla

Thanks Adele. My paper tracking system has gotten sloppy over the years and you inspired me to clean it up! – Adrienne

Thanks Adele for the tips to organize. You are a professional organizer. Alright. I will start putting my shoes in pairs ….. – Virginia

Thanks Adele, color co-ordinate with the filing system brilliant idea! – Lorraine

Thanks Adele, your talk was very helpful. Thanks for sharing your ideas and expertise. – Jemma

Adele, thank you so much for presenting this topic. Your content was organized and you gave some great ideas. It was a fun and interactive meeting. Thanks – Paulette