Home Organization services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Helped me immeasurably

Adele Massena of Arrange My Place has helped me immeasurably on two occasions. After a move in which my basement storage unit was crammed tightly so that little was accessible, Adele very easily made order out of chaos, discovering ways to combine suitcases, redistribute boxes and generally make it possible for me to fit a huge amount of sports equipment, stored office supplies and other items in a logical, labeled manner which enabled me to find things easily. She finalized this by taking photos and drawing a useful diagram of where things are stored.

I was so pleased with the first experience with Arrange My Place that I invited Adele back to help me rearrange a large wooden storage box and a storage cabinet on my balcony. Again, she made it possible for me to access things there because they had a place where they belonged. The reorganization also gave me more room in the box to store additional items. I would heartily recommend Arrange My Place for the creativity and flexibility with which Adele addresses a task of organization and the cheerful way she faces any problem areas. – Anne M.

Organized cupboards

My cupboards look wonderful since Adele helped me organize them! – Judy C. 

Asks the right questions

Adele asks the right questions when it comes to letting go of those items that clutter your closet! She supports you and helps you to take action in a way that is both fun and efficient. She knows that this process happens in stages and often takes time. No pushing or ego in her approach. I would recommend her to anyone who thinks they can’t decide where to begin decluttering! – Sue B. 

Workable, efficient solutions

We are a complementary health-care clinic in downtown Toronto whose greatest strength is not physical organization! Ms. Massena invited to assess our situation and provide guidance for the doctors and staff regarding space utilization and more efficient flow.

A thorough investigation of our needs was undertaken and workable, efficient solutions were offered – this included everything from active file locations to reception room furniture to staff/utility room ideas. The latter room’s condition is one we are a bit embarrassed about; Ms. Massena was quite diplomatic!

Her recommendations are very affordable and her manner highly professional. After her great “kick start”, we were on our way!

ARRANGE MY PLACE is THE “PLACE TO GO” for organizational help! – Drs. Lynette Nissen And Kathleen O’Hara